What I Have Learnt From A Loved One

My mam is one of the strongest women I know and everyday I see myself in her more and more. My mam has played the best of both worlds when it has come to parenting, although I do have a relationship with my Dad it’s a small and complicated one at that.

I’ve learnt so much from my mam, she really has shaped me in the best way she could for a single parent

1 .Independence

My Mam is so independent, she reminds me of that meme where it says “I’m a strong independent woman, who don’t need no man!”. As much as I would love her to herself a fella to get her out the house now and again, she is so content as she is. She does all her own DIY, she’s built us an amazing warm home which she has worked hard for herself.

As a single parent I can’t even imagine how hard it’s been to raise me and to pay for everything however, she got on with it. She has taught me the value of money and how to use it wisely. At a young age she was very strick with me which I hated but looking back at it now I can she see why she was, she wanted me to stay safe and to learn life skills such as cleaning, ironing and cooking so that I can be as indepedent as I can be now.

I admire my Mam so much for how independent and strong she is and I hope one day I will be as strong as her.

2. Use Your Talents

My mam is my biggest fan, she has been since I told her I wanted to study within the fashion industry. Many times people have told me there is no career in what I have chosen and yes I may have realized this now but, my mam has never stopped me in what I have wanted to do.

My mam was the one to teach me with sewing, she also sews herself and made majority of her clothing when she was my age. Without her I would of never had the degree and the skills I have now.

3.Work Hard

My mam might not have the dream career or the most money in the world but she has worked bloody hard for everything she has and has build for us both. She’s worked double the time, picked up extra jobs just so I can focus on my education. She works hard in everything she does even going to boot camps every week at 56!

4. Let your hair down, don’t take life so seriously!

Whenever I finally get my mam to get out of the house and let her hair down, my god does she let that hair dowwnnnnnn. She’s so funny and she will always laugh at herself, all of her friends talk so highly of her and I love hanging around with them as the stories I hear from all their memories of when they were younger were hilarious. Honestly wish I had the confidence she had at my age.



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