What I Have Learnt Being 21

So I turned 22 on Sunday and I know it isn’t a big deal but I am so scared of how fast that year as gone, I can remember celebrating turning 21 as if it was yesterday… NO JOKE!

I was planning to post this piece before now but I’ve been having too much fun celebrating getting older #sorrynotsorry.

Not only has my year gone too fast, I have learnt a lot this year and i’m here to share it.

1.You’re only in your 20’s, you don’t need your shit together!

In a previous post I’ve discussed how hard the past six month after graduation has been for me, I’ve been in a constant state of self doubt and I’ve noticed the confidence in my self dwindle, frankly I have none. However, I always try to pick myself up by telling myself i’m still young, I don’t need my shit together. Yes I seem some people  buying their first house,creating their dream careers they started from uni but people learn their paths in life in different ways and yes, mine hasn’t planned out the way I want it to be but, i’m getting there. Slowly but surely I will be where i want to be, but for now I need to enjoy my selfish years and have fun.

2.I have learnt who my true friends are.

This year has been a major wake up call to who i know are my true friends. I’m not at all bitching about any of my friends i have grown apart from but, we are all growing up and we’re changing as adults and I will always love them but I know the people who have taken their time to talk to me and see how I’m doing in my life instead of only arranging times to drink together.

I’ve grown even closer to the best bunch of friends I have had since school but I’ve never appreciated them more than I have now, I am my true self around them and i never have to be shy and we have that friendship that you never take what we say to heart and believe me you need to be that way inclined if you’re going to be friends with me (potty mouth over here)

3.Love yourself!

Loving myself is always going to be a never ending battle for me, it’s a bad habit that’s started young but it’s slowly getting better. At time I do love myself because well… it’s not like i’m going to change into Paloma Faith anytime soon is it?

But self love is a huge issue when it comes to women of today and it really saddens me cause girls of today are bombarded with reality starts constantly trying to improve their image and shame each other, women need to learn to love themselves and each other.

4. Your weight isn’t the only thing about you. 

My weight isn’t the only thing about me! And I wish that it hadn’t took so god damn long to realize it!!!! 22 years now I’ve battle with constant hate for my body but you know what, I am no longer going to deprive myself of having fun all because of a stupid diet.

I exercise regularly not only for health benefits but it helps me mentally, I don’t over eat, yes I do love to treat myself… probably more than I should but so FUCK! I’m curvy, I I have love handles and bingo wings but I need to stop focusing on what society thinks is beautiful and be happy with myself.

I am more than just a number on the scales, I need to always remind myself of to

5. I am an introvert and I need to embrace it.

I love my own company. There I’ve said it.

I’m an only child, I pretty much spent majority of my time as a child drawing in my room, playing with my Bratz and watching films and pretty much none of that has changed.

Don’t get me wrong I love going  out with my friends but majority of the time I cancel plans cause I just want to chill… on my own. Which I think has helped me and Josh have such a healthy relationship cause we both know we don’t need to spend all out time together to love each other, we both have our own relaxing time and appreciate the time I we do spend together instead of living in each others pockets.

I always thought that because I loved spending time by myself that I was boring, which tbf people probably think I am but I just don’t give a fuck. If that makes me boring well then that’s me but it’s me and I love it.



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