Make Over

I have decided to do a little make over, hello 2017 new year, new me!

My blog is going to yet again another lifestyle blog but basically… less interesting (insert laughing emoji) all jokes aside, i’m not going to pretend my life is glamorous and interesting just to talk about. I want to talk about real issues I have, for women of today and just a blog for women to read to relate to. I’m an ordinary 22 year who is facing/about to face the most important years of my life and I am wanting to give advice and also receive advice from everyone too.

Just a little background over my name – basically when I first joined instagram when I was 16 this was my name and not to sound vain but people remembered it and I remember at house parties they would say ‘oh yeah you’re adventures of solitude on insta’. It’s also one of my favourite songs by the new pornographers and this blog is going to be all about my adventures.

Anyway I hope everyone enjoys my new make over.



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