Goodbye 2016

Well i can happily say that 2016 has been a very happy and eventful one for sure however honestly, the last 6 months have mentally been the hardest I’ve had.

So much has happened this year, I turned 21, graduated with a first class degree, got my first full time job, bought my first car and has an amazing holiday with my love!

After graduation my security blanket had hit the floor and it was no longer protecting me from reality. I started my first full time job hoping to just save money to do works experience to gain a job in costume however, I learnt that I love working full time and earning money, I want to save for my own house and build myself a life. Yes the job i’m in right now isn’t what I ever hoped for and no it wont be long term which hence how the past 6 months have been very mentally draining for me, putting myself down, I have not even half the confidence i had in myself compared to this time last year. As much as I don’t regret doing my degree I have realized its not the career i’m wanting to pursue, which totally knocked my confidence thinking I was a failure.

2017 i’m hoping to start my career in as a police officer I really think this is the career I’ve always been meant to do and to keep sewing as a hobby and not a means of income, but who knows maybe one day in the future i’ll change my mind… again.

2017 is also being referred to my selfish year, yes selfish! I’m not a selfish person at all, in fact I always put people first but when i say selfish year I’m not saying only think of myself. My selfish year is a year of fun for me before I have to start saving and having major responsibilities such as moving out, which is my goal for 2018. I’m wanting to saving to go on amazing trips with my love, friends and family just be totally care free and have more fun!

I also need to be kind to my body, I’ve always gone to the gym and i love doing weight training and I started again in November with a personal trainer but as usual the Christmas weight has clung to my body but, soon it shall be gone!

I can’t wait for 2017 I can tell it’s going to be hard but it’s totally going to be worth it. i also plan to blog more . I hope everyone has an amazing new year!




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