My Style & It’s Evolution

I’d like to think of myself of a fashionable person but looking through old photos of myself, I can say that I have made some questionable decisions sometimes hahaha.

I’ve always been obsessed with vintage style and when I was in secondary school I was floral overload! Leaving school I gained the confidence to experiment with my style and create a quirky look for myself. I died my hair bright red and I got used to my porcelain skin instead of trying to blend in with the overdone false tan.


Paloma Faith and Dita Von Teese were my biggest inspiration, they still are to this day but back then I would copy every little thing they would do… well you know i’d attempt on my budget. As you can see from the images below I copied Paloma’s bright blonde fridge she had and as you can tell, going red to blonde was a big mistake! However, back then I thought it was amazing.


This photo below I was actually on my way to a Paloma gig in Camden and still to this day this bargain pleplum suit which was £10 from Age UK is my favorite however, I was way skinnier back then 😦


Throughout college and the start of uni, I was more into the 1950’s pin up style, by then not a lot of people in my town were into it and I just loved the thought of standing out. I would be all corseted up, wearing a girdle which was two sizes too small to give me that hour glass figure but it was just far too my hassle to continue.


I take my hat of to women who can continuously keep themselves within an era of style and have the motivation to get up early in the morning to maintain their look but honestly… I became too damn lazy. Uni made me lazy with my appearance, I mean yes I was still too overdressed for any occasion but sometimes I just couldn’t be bothered, long days at uni and early starts I’d rather stick on something from my wardrobe and often not even bother with my make up.



It wasn’t until I started my relationship until I realized that a lot of the things I wore when I was younger and all the plans for tattoos and piercing were just a phase of my wanting to stand out by not looking like anyone else to make up for my shy personality.

Saying that I still love the vintage pin up style but I’ve progressed within my own style to know what works for me and what doesn’t. At time yes I love to overly dress up, I’m very into make up at the moment so I love doing big bold eyes and lips but with my job I have to be casual and dress for the weather mainly to be practical.

I love high streets shops and I believe that yes I might buy what everyone else may buy but everyone wears something different and I still like to thing of my style to be quirky and different.

I wish I had more old photos of some of the awful fashion choices I have made just for your entertainment.  I hope you have enjoyed.





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  1. I think you looked great! It’s a hard style to pull off and you nailed it ☺️ I’d love it if you could check out my blog, 💕


  2. Great post!


  3. I love that winged liner 😊


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