Creative Anxiety

That’s right, I have self diagnosed myself with creative anxiety! I mean I have totally made this up but that’s the only thing I can describe it as.

I’m not normally an anxious person however, I’ve noticed when it comes to people asking me to make them something or i’ll design things to make to sell, after my sudden rush of excitement of designing soon after comes the dark cloud of negativity which plants seeds in my head such as, what if it doesn’t fit them? what if I don’t sell or make any in time? what if the quality of my work is shocking?!

I’ve studied fashion, textiles and costumes for nine years now, I have the skills and the talent (not tooting my own horn) to make simple and beautiful things but I just can’t get over all the negativity that my head tells me.

I’d like to think i’m not the only person who gets this or if i’ll ever get over this fear.



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