My First Glossy Box!

FINALLY my first Glossy Box subscription arrived today! I mean I waited long enough,  I did order it a week and a half ago. However, I was so so so excited to see it when I arrived home after work, the box alone is so cute, I plan to find something useful for it.

My friend first told me of Glossy box and at first I though ugh, I bet you just get the knock off shit that no one wants to buy. However, looking what was given in her box was worth a hell of a lot more that £10, so I thought hey why not! It’s worth ago.

You sign up online and you can sign up for a monthly subscription of £10, you can also chose a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription but I recommend the monthly one, simply due to the fact you can easily cancel your membership if you know you might lack money some months compared to others.

What I loved the most about Glossy box is that it lets you create your own profile, this tells them you skin tone, your hair colour and importantly what type of skin you have for example, I have really oily and sensitive skin so they can style my box around me.



After neatly unwrapping my box of goodies, I got 6 new freebie to sample. The first freebie is from Universal Beauty Cosmetics, secret blush blusher and lip stain at £15. I’ve only really noticed the Benefit blush and lip stain but I’ve always been a little cautious of this, I don’t have a reason why I think it’s due to me simply being a cheap skate and if I don’t like it well.. I’ve wasted £20 haven’t I?! So I am really excited to test this out!


The second freebie is the Bee Good Honey and Camelina facially exfoliate at £10.50. I am a being lover of skin care and I have a weekly facial routine of exfoliating my face as I have areas of dry skin. I also just like to let my skin breath since I wear a lot of make up everyday.


The third freebie is the Body Shops Fountain of Youth droplets at £25 and it’s really funny as this product was on my list of things to buy! I absolutely love the Body Shop and I swear i’m on first name terms with the staff with the amount of times I go in.

I have moisturized since I was 14 and I love keeping my skin healthy, anything to keep me looking younger the better!


The fourth was a little A New Hear Hero shampoo, which is the Glossy box months discover and I cansay it smells devine!!!! Can’t wait to try it, I really hope it works as well as it smells.


And yet another lipstick to add to me collection! The fifth freebie is an adorable lip cream from Triple Cosmetics at £12.95 and I have to say is in the cutest packaging, I want it in a dress i’m telling you!


And finally a PS…Pro HD mascara, it comes at £3 and it has some goof reviews. For £3 you can’t go wromg and it can be something I can wear to work instead of using my good Benefit mascara.


To subscribe to your very own personal Glossy Box just click the link and enjoy!



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