My First Beauty Review

My previous post, Saturday Deliveries mentioned the new make up that I’ve purchased and now i’m going to do my first ever beauty review on these products. Now I warn you all now, I am no make up guru and you will all probably think my make up is terrible but… I don’t give a shit cause I’m having fun and learning how to become bolder and daring with my make up.

The first product I am review is the 35N Morphe Pallet, I am obsessed with the orange eye shadow craze that is popular at the moment however, I just haven’t found the right brand to give me the strong orange pigment I want but tah dah! I’ve found it! The Morphe pallet pigments are so strong and it’s giving me the warm autumn colours i’m wanting. I do apologies, as you can’t see how amazing the orange colours are by my photo due to the fact I’m only using my phone right now for blogging (i’m saving for a decent camera I promise!)


I am also wearing the Gerard Cosmetics Ruby Slippers lip gloss, I am so in love with this colours however, I am a little disappointed as this colour just doesn’t apply as well as the other three Gerard Cosmetics lip gloss I bought. Maybe I need to apply a lip liner underneath to help the colour stick to my lips, I don’t know but I will not give up as the colour is to die for!

The second Gerard Cosmetics lip gloss I bought was Aphrodite, I have to be very careful when it comes to nude lips as I am very very pale and often I just look chavy or it just blends in with my face. But I have to say I really do love this colour, it has a very warm peachy tone to it which really does stand out from my skin tone. The lip gloss applies really well to my lips and dries very quickly and doesn’t crack like a lot of the matte lip glosses I do own.



My third Gerard Cosmetics Lip Gloss is Iced Mocha, this shade is really beautiful but I have to be honest it wasn’t my favourite shade out of the four. I can imagine this shade looking unreal on other girls but I can’t see myself wearing this one that often. I’m not really daring when it comes to new lip shades as I am a sucker for a good red lip however, I am trying to come out of my shell when it comes to my looks.



And last but not least is Boss Lady, like it’s name that is exactly how I felt when wearing this amazing shade. Like I said previously I am not daring but this brown shade made me feel like a bad ass bitch and I can’t wait to wear it one day. I don’t know how and I don’t know when I’ll wear it but my god I will find a time to!



So there you go my first beauty review, again I do apologies for my crappy photo quality but my blog is all about me having fun and getting into the swing of blogging. I hope you all enjoy,



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