Saturday Deliveries

Online shopping is my addiction and it’s so exciting when you get in from a shitty day at work to see that delivery patiently waiting for you. So this weeks delivery was something to feed my very new make up addiction (once you get to know me you’ll learn every other month i’ll be addicted to something new for example this months is make up and last months was bags)

What always annoys me is I follow all these amazing make up pages on instagram advertising their new pallets and I’ll look online and I can only find american wesbites. My fear of ordering from American websites as you can find an unexpected customs charge and I have been a victim of a hefty one! And that’s why I try to stay away.

As I was investigating online I came across Cocktail Cosmetics which has so many brands. This could be a good thing to fuel my make up addiction or this can be a terrible thing for my purse.


I have heard do much about Morphe pallets and I just had to invest. I really can’t wait to test it out as I love all the warm fall colours that are currently in at the moment.  This pallet is the Morph 35N at £22.95

I’ve always heard of Gerard Cosmetics and I was so excited when I seen that cocktail cosmetics sold it! I found a deal for four of your chosen lip glosses for £39.00 the four a chose Boss Lady, Aphrodite, Iced Mocha and Ruby Slipper.

I plan to review the lip glosses in another post with photos as right now I am sitting with granny curlers in my hair and bare face, I can tell you know it aint pretty.


Boss Lady




Iced Mocha


Ruby Slippers



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  1. That 35N palette is amazing. You won’t be disappointed!


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