The Goddess Review

I don’t plan on doing many book reviews as I’m not much of a reader when it comes to books however, this book honestly has gave me such a healthy mind set towards my body and my health.

The Goddess Revolution is by Mel Wells who is a former actress and model so she knows the ins and outs of the pressure that social media and her job roles have put on her. Mel is now a food coach and has written this book to help modern women.

Like most women, I have always hated my body and struggled with my weight. I honestly think I’ve done every diet thinkable, I’ve even gone as far as starving myself just to look like societies idea of the perfect size.

My best friend recommended this book to me, at first I thought I’m 21 do I really need to be reading a self help book? Is my life really that miserable? So I thought well I’ll give it ago, what’s the worse that can happen? I was literally hooked the second I picked it up, the full book was about every thought and feeling I have ever had about my body and my attitude to dieting and it felt so great to know that i’m not the only one to think these things and how to over come them.

I’ve picked out a couple of quotes from the book that I would like to discuss further and to spread the love when it comes to loving your body!


I’ve always associated dieting with a life sentence! Last year I started slimming world and I did lose a lot of weight in the month I stuck to it (I know one month how bad but I really can’t stick to diets) but I had no social life at all.

I’m 21 I should be enjoying my life as much as I can and going out with my friends drinking and eating but I would cancel plans with friends or not go out for food with my boyfriend because I didn’t want to count the syns and this is really not a healthy mind set to be in. I would get so down and depressed because 1) i’m eating boring food I don’t like to lose weight and 2) I’m not leaving the house in fear of gaining calories. Not only with food I would religiously go to the gym and if I didn’t go I would make myself feel so guilty so I again would purposely not make plans so I could go.

So now after reading Mels book I’ve scrapped the word diet out of my life, i’m changing it to healthy living. I’m not going to restrict any food I want such as cheese ( I am scarily obsessed with cheese) obviously i’m not going to be putting a mountain of cheese on my food but moderately eat what i’m graving. If i’m craving  biscuit i’m going to have a damn biscuit but remind myself just have one don’t have the full bloody pack!

No longer making myself feel guilty!


I love this quote above, this really put into perspective that i’m not just a number that no one cares about expect myself. What does my weight matter to anyone around me? As long as i’m happy and healthy that all that matters and this is what more women need to focus on.

One thing I always remind myself when i’m on a low day about my weight is, I have an amazing boyfriend who loves me no matter what I weigh, he’s seen me at my biggest when you’re at the comfortable stage of your relationship when all you do is go out and eat. I always used to think that if I didn’t weigh a certain number or looked a certain way that no one would love me for that but until you find someone who only cares about your happiness then it helps you love your body.


This last quote I just think is great, it’s a good quote to live by. Stop complain and get your shit done!

I just needed to share the amazingness of this book and I think that any person who has ever struggled with their weight and loving their body should 100% read this book it will honestly give you such an healthy mind set on everything in life. Link down below.

Check out Mel Wells Website here.



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