No One Mourns The Wicked

This time last year I was currently doing this project *sad face*. Anyway, this project was my minor project for final year, this project was so intense as it was crammed in such a small amount of time. For my minor I redesigned the musical Wicked with a Elizabethan and ballet twist. I mean I literally design a full musical, all scenes, all cast and even extras and my tutor still told me that wasn’t enough… seriously?

So to get my tutor off my back, I made two ruffs with a modern twist to represent each of the two main characters personality.

Underneath are images of my Glinda ruff. This ruff was made out of white duchess satin, I attached flexible synamay on the side with millinery wire on the back to bend it into the traditional ruff shape. For decoration I added a gold trim with pearl and gold beads .




For my second ruff this represents the second character Elphaba. This ruff is more of a modern style as it’s more like a neck piece as I was inspired my gothic jewellery. If anyone knows the story of Wicked you will understand the green and the black colours I have chosen. I’m so proud of this project as it really pushed my outside my box.


In the image underneath you can see the up close detail of this ruff. I had beaded the flames on the panels of the ruff which I am so in love with, I also added machine embroidered green and black flames for the boarder of the ruff which I used dissolvable muslin and I can say it was the biggest pain in the arse I’ve ever done but it was so worth it!




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