1950’s Weekend

Here is another project which I was able to work with an amazing museum! For this project I got to work with the famous museum Beamish which has a full sized Victorian working down and has thousands of visitors every year.

Beamish are recently opening up a new part of their display, a 1950’s town. My uni got work alongside with them for their opening weekend. My class were allowed to design and make 1950’s costumes for their opening cat walk. Many costumes were made with a variety of themes to formal wear, everyday wear and even to uniform.


I decided to create a formal dress, I imagined a young woman going to church or a wedding. Above is an image of the dress I made, the front panels of the dress were high stenciled with my floral design I created myself and the sleeves were made from a white chiffon with a scalloped edge.


Above in a woolen cape to go along side the dress. I hand embroidered the front panels of the cape with the exact same floral pattern as the dress above. This cape is one of my most favourite garments I have ever made, I would go back and do it so much better with the skills I have developed however, for a second year I think i don’t pretty well.




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