Elizabethan Millinery

For my second year millinery project, I recreated four Elizabethan styled hats. There was specific requirements for the project such as;

  • 1 Flat pattern hat
  • 1 Wide brimmed hat
  • 1 Feathered hat
  • 1 Woolen cloche hat

Flat Pattern Hat – Coif

Here are images of my most favorite hat out of all the four I made for this project. I’m obsessed with embroidery so creating this hat was really enjoyable for me. Hand embroidery really relaxes me and this hat really shows of my skills and patience.

A coif was worn in the Elizabethan period mainly by working women from wealthy homes. They would be worn as either part of a uniform or even as nightwear. Some coifs would be worn underneath hats or wigs however, wouldn’t usually be highly embellished as this one.


Wide Brimmed Hat

Here is my wide brimmed hat. This one is probably my least favorite out of the four simply for the way it had photographed as it really hasn’t given my work any justice buuuut, it was still a really enjoyable hat to make.

I always imagine a highly wealthy Elizabethan woman riding on her horse with her legs to one side with this stunning hat tilted on the side of her head with a lovely veil to add extra elegance. That’s just me letting my inner designer get carried away.


Feathered Hat

My feathered hat is another wide brimmed hat but with a curled feather on the back. This hat is covered in a stretch red fabric, I added a lace around the base of the hat. The original photo the lace was gold however, as I’m very picky when it comes to colours, I needed the lace gold to match the gold beads so I had to spray pain the lace to match.

Feathers on hats were highly popular within the Elizabethan period. Feathers were a symbol of wealth and status so people were able to communicate through their items of clothing.


Woolen Cloche – French Hood

A French Hood was a highly popular style of hat for wealthy women. The style of hat was very dramatic and would come in various of shapes.

I made this hat out of a woolen cloche by molding and shaping the wool into the desired shape I wanted. This hat was certainly the hardest one to make, the thickness of the wool made it really hard to embellish and my fingers were torn to shreds! However, I am so happy I made this hats as it was defiantly something different out of all the hats made in my class.





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