The Best Three Years Of My Life

So I’ve briefly talked about myself and what I’m hoping to achieve with this blog but it is only right to talk you all about the best and the most stressful three years of my life! Yes that’s right, University. For three years I studied a BA Hon’s in Costume Interpretation with Design at Cleveland College of Art and design in Hartlepool. I can openly say that I could not imagine going to a better university that would of taught me the skills I have an gave me the opportunity to work for some amazing people!

When I was younger I never even considered the thought of uni however, it wasn’t until that I realized that further education would really enhance my skills for the sewing industry and it would be an investment in my future.

So I went to various uni opening days mainly all fashion and textiles courses as that is what I always assumed I would go into however, it wasn’t until I went to CCAD’s opening day until I FELL in love with the costume course. The costumes that previous years had created were unbelievable! I’ve always been a film geek as I have a very secret nerdy side to my personality and that’s when I knew that this was the course for me.

Although the past three years have been the best three years of my life and I have never loved education more, it has also been three of the most stressful of my life. I’ve always had a lack of confidence in my academic ability, I was also put into the lower sets at school making me believe I wasn’t smart. It wasn’t until uni that made me realize i’m a lot smarted than I give myself credit for.

But anyway enough with the dwindling. Throughout my next few posts i’m going to show you all some of the costumes and projects that I have worked on throughout uni.




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